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ATP Redfern

3D Computing graduated from the National Incubator of the Australian Technology Park (Redfern)  in 2003  “a government initiative to help innovative companies succeed despite themselves”  www.ATP Inovations Here we collaborated with many startups creating innovative solutions to help them get their funding, this highlighted our diverse nature.

Any challenge

With a strong background in hardware and electronics, we have provided many solutions to companies and business partners who required integration of unusual hardware. We have engineered a range of solutions. From on line weather stations that use a micro controller to publish web pages. To national warehousing with barcode control of pick and pack, inbound and outbound goods, and stock taking.

A diverse range of applications

Kiosk applications Bespoke Web Servers RFID Barcode scanning - both hand held and high throughput conveyor mounts Smart cards Database design, both local and SQL Process control Man in the middle data exchange

3D’s start

The company was started in 1988 when we did a delivery system for the ground fleet of Australian Air Express (AAE). This was expanded upon when AAE embraced barcoding in 1990 and 3D designed and implemented systems and programs to interface with AAE’s mainframe and the barcode equipment, including some of the industries early hand held devices. This relationship continued for several years as we connected their major clients to them via (what was then modern) 1200 baud modems. Ability to make prototypes quickly Automating manual work practices Finding a different solution
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Bringing your thoughts into reality
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