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We have been working with Prime Vision on several projects in various fields. This has involved us in Holland to install and tailor custom software that would integrate both with thier requirements and the existing OCR systems they have in place. The project, in two parts, was complex in its requirements to controll the conveyors, providing control of the PLC with very tight timing definitions, whilst simultaniously taking images from the barcode camera and renaming them for a FTP transfer to the control system. The second sortation component required us to design an interface to control a hundred LED’s that would display the path of the items scanned, along with visual indications on a touch screen that controlled the unit, audio guidance and messaging to the OCR pre sort system.

New concept in

postal sorting

We have completed a project for a new sortation system that has been rolled out in Holland for the Royal Dutch Postal Service. Our software controlls conveyor belts that take mail items and performs pre sortation, the unit offers a touch screen to the users that allows them to setup and control their units. Elsewhere on the plant this pre sort is scanned and the second unit identifies the item location by a display, audio tones and walking path of L.E.D.s to identify the items destination for final sortation.  

Trials in


Following the success in Holland, trials have begun for an adapted scheme in New Zealand. More to follow.  

High speed


At Merck Sharp & Dohme we engineered a solution that allowed product layout to be transfered sequrely on a wifi system to production line printers in a clean room, the cost of wiring the printers at the production line was prohibitive as the work would have shut the room down whilst it was “cleaned”
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